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We Are Northern BTS

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About the Project...

WE ARE NORTHERN is a conversation. Or rather, a full life-time of conversations that have come together in one hour-long performance.

Everyone is labelled in their life, with one thing or another, and there are a host of labels that come along with the title of NORTHERN. Over the past few years, Lizzie Lovejoy has been breaking down the pieces that make up Northern identity, and the contradiction in all those parts.

WE ARE NORTHERN is a series of spoken word works pulled together, a string of thoughts, stories and histories. It celebrates the beauty of our landscape, industry and of the people living here. It acknowledges the pain and fight that can come along side all of it. And it shouts back at assumptions about who we are.

WE ARE NORTHERN is the story of a region united by something intangible. But more than anything, it’s a conversation about what makes us who we are.

We are more than. WE. ARE. NORTHERN.

Praise for 'WE. ARE. NORTHERN."

NE VOLUME Magazine: "Lovejoy encourages the audience to look into the beauty and depth of the Northern landscape and the people within it"

NARC Magazine: "Lizzie understands how important inclusivity is to contemporary Northernness"