The North and Climate Change:

Protest Through Art

We are XP Gateshead.

We are Steam to Green.

We are....

The Future.

From January 2024, Lizzie Lovejoy took up a residency with Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums. 

Lizzie facilitated a series of workshops with a small group of students at XP Gateshead who had expressed interest in our changing climate. Working with the young people, together they created a digital exhibition of images and text which creatively explored their views and research. 

Together, they created a series of zines, following the punk protest traditions of British history. They explored the TWAM Archives on Flickr and recontextualised the images to create stories and curate their own collection/exhibition.

Three blog posts we're written by Lizzie and the children involved in the project.

Hello world
Hello world

Together, we will work to

Save the Waves