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Tees Women Poets

Nightfall Festival - Talking Trees in Stewart Park

If Trees Could Talk...

Around the park you will notice that some of the trees have acquired eyeballs… approach and you will hear the voices of the trees: a set of seven poems written and recorded by members of Tees Women Poets. The trees tell us how the world is “connected and small”, how the roots of trees in Middlesbrough cover the globe, and how we might “plant a future for us all”. The eyeballs were created by Designs in Air - a pioneering inflatable design company who create original inflatable sculptures and spectacular installations that have been featured at many major events and exhibitions around the world. Tees Women Poets is a group of writers and performers based across the Tees Valley.

The poets bringing the voices of trees to life are: Peggy Carl, Ann Cuthbert, Julie Easley, Eithne Longstaff, Kirsten Luckins, Carmen Marcus and Lizzie Lovejoy.
Sound recording by Grace Stubbings.

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The Poem - Who Am I

(The Farewell Tree)

Who am I?
I could describe
myself in bark and leaves,
but I believe
that we are more than our parts
we are what is in our hearts,
and at my core
I am more
than any list can contain.

Let me explain:
I am ancient, rings in hundreds on my insides
but the exact number resides
in secret all of my life.
I am home to thousands at a time
to all that fly and climb,
to beatles, hedgehogs, foxes and I’m
a Mother; I feed the ground below.
I drop my seeds and leaves so life continues to grow
so please don’t litter as you head on your way,
my leaves degrade, but waste often stays
and I am so ancient, I’ve watched it all before.
Lives of many generations and I hope to watch more,
because I am a listener, I will take in your words.
So if you have a story, I promise you’ll be heard,
come back and visit with adventures on your tongue,
I’ll revel in your tales, loving every one.

Go home now, it’s getting dark,
go create more stories to bring back to the park
in the future, but it’s time to say goodnight
now that daylight
has thoroughly faded out.
It’s time for owls to be about
and hoot their tales to me
and foxes to share their history,
it’s their turn to talk by my side.

Who am I?
If I must describe
I’m the tree with a lullaby
who is here to give a hushed goodbye
and wish you a wonderful sleep
filled with yet more stories to keep.

The Audio

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Wellington Square Sends

A Love Letter to Stockton

People were invited to drop in to Wellington Square and help three of the Tees Women Poets write a Love Letter to Stockton!

Three friendly artists from the Tees Women Poets spent two days around Wellington Square (Stockton) and on the Buddy Bench, asking what makes Stockton a special place. They then created three sonnets which will be displayed as a mural around the near by car park.

The Artists: Lizzie Lovejoy,  Carmen Marcus and Mwelwa Chilekwa

Lizzie's Poem

Love Letter to Stockton Sonnet aka

“Stockton, My Sweetheart”

My sweetheart is made out of melody

Her music echoes all over our hills

Singing songs of trains, steam hums history

Sound plays ‘till every corner of air fills.

My sweetheart has great heritage and roots

She would go to the market each Wednesday

She fought battles, winning fights against brutes

She's the words that we need, but rarely say

My sweetheart’s punk, with a colourful heart

She is noise and riot, parties ‘till dark

Yet she’s the quiet sky at mornings start

Feet in the Shambles, dog yaps in the park

My sweetheart is the place I’ve always known

In her glowing lights, my heart is at home


Climate Cabaret

Hartlepool Waterfront Festival

All of this work is...


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