A life long project.



Lizzie Lovejoy is a Darlo born Poet, Performer and Picture-Maker. They've spent their life listening to peoples words, and now Lizzie translates local narratives into creative works.

Working across the North, from the Scottish Borders to North Yorkshire, Lizzie's home is their inspiration because the North is a tale worth telling and contains so many stories worth hearing.

Lizzie has recently won the NE Artist of the Year Award 2023, collaborated with Durham Miners Gala, and featured on the BBC Schools Share Your Story Tour.

Lizzie was awarded NE Visual Artist of the Year 2023 for their work on the Trailways and Queer Shores & Seas projects.

Recent Project Highlights

Writer in Residence for STORYLINES at The Bishop Line


Lizzie Lovejoy is one of the Artists on Board, representing the Tees Women Poets as part of Storylines project, created by Citizen Songwriter. The project is supported by The Bishop Line, Northern Rail and Cross Country Rail.