Now, Then

Creative Darlington

Library Residency

Creative Darlington Artist in Residence


Creative Darlington presents Now, Then, an exhibition celebrating Darlington and the people
who have made it the wonderful place that it is.
Lead artist, Lizzie Lovejoy has spent the past 9 months in residence with Crown Street Library,
engaging with members of local communities across Darlington through workshops and
conversations, learning about the identity of this culturally rich town.

Inspired by Northern language, Now, Then takes its name from the local greeting which Lizzie
was gifted with when speaking to everyone around the town. The artwork breaks down these
words, exploring Darlingtons innovative heritage and its ever growing present, with stories from
yesterday as well as many years ago.

Throughout this project, Lizzie and the participants explored what it means to be Northern and why we are so proud to be part of Darlo culture.

This exhibition also features the work of 5 artists with a strong connection to Darlington who
submitted their work to the Darlo Draws callout.

This exhibition will launch in March 2024

Hello world
Hello world

In the North, We Talk

We Say Hello. We say:

Now, Then.