Starting over..

The First Song.

While part of a voulentary residency at my former sixth form centre as a visual artist, I began to explore my creative work using their music making software. I found that, while I was strugging with articulating my emotions, music was a method of me being able to share all of those feelings, and in particular remove the most dangerous ones from my body. It all started with this composition: This is My Note.

As the residency continued, I started to push this further and created more and more music. I not only translated my own stories, but other peoples as well, trying to turn peoples experinces into a collection of sounds.

This is when I started developing my spoken word work, which has been a significant part of my practice (examples can be found on my SOUNDCLOUD here.

This is Zoe's life in Music

This is Caroline's life in Music

While working as Artist of Change at ARC in Stockton, I listened to the stories of all of memebers of staff who woked here. I learned about who they were and what their experince are...

This Music is Their Story.