Creating a Poster for a show created by disabled people, for disabled people

and with a lot of humour.

Hello world

Creating A Poster and Sensory Map

Chop. Dissolve. Burn was created by Lisette Auton and Richard Boggie in 2022/2023 with the support of Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle. The play takes place in one room, focused on the unfolding tragic and humourous lives of two people.

Lizzie was asked to create the poster, flier and sensory map for the show and was thrilled to have the chance to work on something with a little bit of darkness. Disability focused work often places disabled people into roles of angels or being weak and child-like... This play showed that people are people, they do good things, silly things and down right bad things too. We can be, and are, everything.

Lizzie included references to various parts of the show, including the main star of it all: THE TEETH!