BBC: Share Your Story Tour



In 2022 the BBC were celebrating 100 years by sharing people’s stories from all around the world, whilst looking to the future and the next generation of storytellers.

BBC stars and guests are visited over 400,000 secondary school students across the UK to unleash the next generation of storytellers.

The aim of this project is to inspire students to share their own stories and highlight the range of career opportunities in storytelling at the BBC and the creative industries – both locally and across the UK while listening to the young audiences that will shape the future.

Lizzie was part of the Yorkshire leg of the tour in Scarborough, York and Leeds in March, November and December of 2022.

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Why Storytelling?

Why storytelling?

  • Powerful storytelling is what the BBC does best
  • Storytelling is central to the BBC’s core mission to inform, educate and entertain. From our news reporters explaining unfolding events in the UK and across the globe to our award-winning dramas and podcasts, everything we do is built around telling compelling stories
  • For young people, being able to frame and communicate their story is vital when it comes to increasing confidence, building connections, explaining who they are and what they are passionate about – especially when entering the workplace.


Wierd Careers are Possible.

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